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Aloha. Most things we're doing these days can be followed much more efficiently, and with the convenience of streams/downloads over at our https://wantageusa.bandcamp.com/ page.

Additionally, the best spot for old merch, distro and lots of odds and ends is our Discogs page.


Thanks friends, for the overwhelming support for these bands. It's May 2020 and the first pressings of both the Whip S/T and Dead's Raving Drooling have sold completely out. We anticipate having both back in print shortly. We've moved sales over here largely, to pair the digital downloads and slick preview features.. you know. Get ourselves all modern and soforth.

Yes, it's like x-mas around here! So excited for the long, long awaited Whip self titled LP and the brand new Dead Raving and Drooling  LPs! The Dead record has some guest musicians including Vern Avola from Avola,Prizehog and Elrond and Joe Preston from Thrones. Sheesh! And the Whip record, wowza. Are we excited to get this thing out into the wild.

Now, you may or not have noticed that this website here is a little on the "getting a little dated" side of things. We think  it's quickly approaching the legal age to buy beer. Not quite, but close. It's over 15 years old. And, it's got good bones man. Good bones. But it ain't quite as nimble as what's kind of out their pretty readily these days, especially where downloads, sampling tunes, etc. are all concerned. So, we're doing the pre-orders for these new records over at our new Bandcamp spot. And we'll be loading more stuff on there as time allows, so thanks for being patient.

Fall 2019 Update
We're working on two long-time coming projects, and are beyond excited about both. First off, our southern hemispheric brothers who've managed to tour the U.S. and Europe a couple times now, DEAD, have been working on a new LP for several years, and it's going to be epically large. They tracked it Down Under, and it's guest musicians like Joe Preston (Thrones, The Whip) and Vern Avola (Avola, Prizehog, Eat My Shit) are all over the thing. That's coming this fall at some point.

Also, this fall, we're finally getting out the seventeen years in the making Whip LP, a collection of un-released, never heard, live cuts by one of the Pacific Northwest's most thundering outfits. It's hard to say enough about the Whip, but in their short time (2001-2002) as a band, they managed to establish as dedicated a fanbase as few bands we've ever encountered. Jared and Scott had been in Karp together, and Joe had been doing Thrones, had been in Melvins, Earth, etc. 

So, those two things are underway and we should have some options for getting hold of the pre-orders, special editions,etc. really soon. Thanks for being patient.

What about that Whip record, man?
Yep, we know, we know. You've heard rumblings about this thing for some time now! And where's that pre-order? Well, it's coming soon, that's all we can say. Soon.

Frantics Coming, Friend.
We're excited that we'll have some of the rarest, never-before-released Montana psychedelia in the form of Lost Sounds Montana's Frantics LP.

There's going to be a new instant lunch that comes out and challenges ramen noodles. We're not sure what, but we want in on the ground floor. People will check out the Gay Witch Abortion record alot. Dead will come back to the united states. Lana Rebel releases a new LP? Big Business? 

What's Going On?
Easy, Marvin. Lots going on in the Wantage Orbit. First of all, we finally got to see the Plastic Harmony Band and jeesh, what a band! So good. They covered the Minutemen and Michael Hurley, they played their own songs, they rocked like a hurricane. They played here in Missoula with Trumans Water and the Bugs, and the Atrocity Singers and pretty much was the musical highlight of the summer. Such un-hinged rocking! Also, I'm reading and loving Life Is a Ripoff by Wolf Eyes' John Olson. Diverse, weird, omnivorous and lots of stuff to check out. Also, we're serious about getting this Whip LP done, so that's underway.

Big Business play Missoula on September 24th. It's all ages and tickets go on sale on 9/7/17 from Ear Candy. More here about all that. 

Dead are touring Europe with this crazy Norsk-noize band called MoE. I'm envious of you continentals. Info here about that.

Early 2017 Update
We've got a number of things happening right now. First up, on March 11 we'll host with some friends, a Total Record Swap at the Missoula Senior Center. We're taking vendor applications for that, and it's filling up pretty quickly. It will continue the freewheeling ways of the Total Swaps of yesteryear, and just be across the street. We'll be taking some money ($5 for early birds, $1 after the first hour) at the door to cover expenses, and benefit the Roxy Theater, and are planning on it being a pretty good-sized deal with lots of vendors. 

We just re-pressed (with X-Mist) the amazing first-ever Vaz record, as you can see, and it's in the catalog now. Blue vinyl. Limited. Etc.

2017 is going to be the year of releasing the un-earthed Whip tracks on an LP. We're saving up and are serious about it. You can help by filling in any missing Wantage you've got.

I did a best-of/reflections on 2016 list over here on the Total Fest blog if you're interested.

What's Happening with Wantage?
Well, lots of things are going on! We have been getting in some great new releases for the Distro section of what we do (Plastic Harmony Band with Paul Haines from the Bugs at the top of the list) and have recently gotten re-stocked with a limited number of titles (from distributors) that had been sold out. So things like the Pygmy Shrews: Egyptian LP, Japanther's Tut Tut.. LP, the Federation X: Rally Day LP and few others just turned back up, and are listed. We also have a handful of Total Fest shirts from the last ever Total Fest It's got the monkey design that debuted with Total Fest II, recycled a bit, if you like, for the final.

In terms of immediate plans for putting anything out, we're trying to clear space in our storage area for a bit, but we'll likely have some new stuff early in 2017. If you know anybody who needs thousands of CDs, let us know...

On a more serious note: we just listened to the two Mountain High records we were involved with and they continue to be excellent, thoroughly under-appreciated tunes. Listen to Wicked Wanderer when you have a minute.

We wrote this stuff about our favorite 2015 records. 
Read up at the Total Fest page, or on the Missoula Independent's blog.

Did you know we repressed Miss Lana Rebel's All I Need LP, and did it with letterpress covers? 
That's a thing we did. We also put our best-of list for 2014 list here on the Missoula Independent's blog. I'm sure there are several things we're forgetting... so it goes.

The Bugs: The Right Time pre-orders are rolling, Dead/Vaz 7" too.
Big news around here: We've got the new Bugs LPs in stock and ready to ship this week. Vaz/Dead 7"s are here too, as is the Vaz LP repress.

Needlecraft LP: Ready for Mailorder, als New Learning Curve shit in.If you follow what we do a bit, you know we've been stoking up this Needlecraft LP for quite a while. Well, it's because we're excited about the thing! It's the first long-player we've done in a while. So, they're ready to go, and at distributors now too. We've also got some of the new Learning Curve stuff, including the new Gay Witch Abortion LP and the new comp they just released with exclusive Hammerhead and Dead track.

Just got the Needlecraft Test Pressings.
Wahoo, these sound great. Recorded pro (but not mersh) at Buzz or Howl studios. We've got a target release date of March 23, 2013 for this.

Needlecraft LP: On Its Way. Dead: New LP.
Needlecraft is a band with a sort of Shags-y approach, jangly, trashy, and  bent. You might know some of them from bands we also dug like Fag Rag, 10 Year Old Girlfriend and Rooster Sauce. We love Needlecraft. We are stoked to be putting out their first LP. It was recorded this past summer with Stan from Arctic Flowers at Buzz or Howl, and is a great look at what this band does so fucking well, and weirdly.

Meanwhile, down under, Dead have recorded and released the mp3s of their 2nd LP. It's a keeper, check it out here.

SF stalwart shop (run by Andee from A Minor Forrest/Tumult label) Aquarius, our favorite record shop that's not Ear Candy, just started carrying the Vaz: Demonstrations in Micronesia LP, it's reviewed here: http://www.aquariusrecords.org/ Give 'em some business, brahs.

Vaz LP and Mordecai 7": Out now.
Both of these records are now fully available across the realm. Vaz, in fact are midway into a Kickstarter campaign with just four days left (as of Sept. 12) and we fully suggest you peeling off a handful of dollars to help them tour SE Asia.

Mordecai: Waste 7" Proceeding
'Next Wantage project is a 7" by Mordecai.
We're archiving our weekly radio show here

Dead: Actually Alive.

Melbourne, Australia's a nice place for music, with heaps of rippers coming out regularly. We like Dead best, mostly because they really rip, and find a great awesome SoHem vibe that just seems to blast harder than all the rest. Their new record Thundaaaah! is on the streets.

Top Shit: 2011.
First run on the Weird Missoula website.
Mordecai � Ejaculating Squat Marmot or S/T or whatever it�s called (Killertree):
Like the Fall, with a little less jauntiness, or something, and great, shitty guitar/bass tones. We have these in the distro.

Dead � Thundaaaah (Wantage): Yeah, yeah, Wantage put it out. But does that mean I can�t like it? No. I don�t think so. Part Nomeansno, part� er, I don�t know exactly. It�s got an Australian flavor, smells like diesel fumes and is utterly satisfying in its deep grooves.

The Blind Shake � Seriousness (Learning Curve): This is on my overall top records of the 2010s already. Powerful and perfect in damn near every way. I�m a rock and roll fan, and a punk fan, and a fan of riffs and simplicity, and the Blind Shake are masters of all of the above. I also love the lyric: �gonna wash off with a hose.� Riffs like Federation X's, but with a cold midwestern vibe instead of a loose NW one.

Arctic Flowers � Reveries (Inimical): Perfectly executed punk rock that nods its head probably more to Polski bands like Post Regiment and Dezerter than anybody around here. Don�t expect to be wowed with a brand new approach, but expect something approaching genre perfection.

Skoal Kodiak � Kryptonyn Bodliak (Load): Dude! A dance record, by a Minneapolis band who play a bleach bottle. Cohesive, fun and weird.

Goddammitboyhowdy � 7� (Minor Bird): did that come out this year?�Regardless, it�s going on the list. Punk rock with guts, and from here.

Bombino � Agadez (Cumbacha): Part of the New Wave of Sahelian Heavy Mellow. Bombino�s record was better than Tinariwen�s this year. He�s a dude from Agadez, a desert town in Niger, a Tuareg, I think, and a shredding guitar player and crooner. If you haven�t heard this, please do.

The Men � Leave Home (Sacred Bones): Bonafide �90s worship done seemlessly. Good live too.

Obits � Moody, Standard and Poor (Sub Pop): I�m a sucker for anything Rick Froberg touches.

Underground Railroad to Candyland � Knows Your Sins (Recess): I�m a sucker for anything Todd Congelliere touches.

Total Abuse � Mutt (PPM): Despite trolling around Terminal Boredom and other shitty internet behaviors, I like the nihilistic and miserable hardcore these dudes produce.

Arrington De Dionyso�s Malaikat Dan Singa � Suara Naga (K): Despite some shittiness about not getting paid enough last time he came through, this dude makes some of the weirdest, greatest music around.

Broken Water � Peripheral Star EP (Label?): Not sure what makes me like this band so much, but I do. They�re pretty 4AD, but with some kind of nice Unwoundy roughness around the edges.

The Arrivals � Volatile Molatov (Recess): I credit my brother Ian for getting me into this band whom I�d probably never have checked out otherwise. The Earnest Punk genre�s one that generally makes my skin crawl, but something about Isaac, David and Paddy�s voices and tunes just takes this stuff to the next level.The song Frontline, about Isaac�s grandfather�s war experience, nearly made me cry walking to work.

Omar Souleyman @ Chaos in Tejas, Austin.
Lazy Dogs @ Trailer Park Records (Chaos in Tejas).
Perdition, Beerland,  Austin (Chaos in Tejas).
No Statik @ Chaos in Tejas,
Universal Order of Armageddon (Chaos in Tejas)
Shellac @ The Palace, Missoula.
10YOGF @ the BSMT, Missoula.
Thee Oh Sees @ the BSMT, Missoula.
Big Business, White Shit, Dead, the Urine Tracksuits, Thrones and Milk Music @ Total Fest X, Missoula.
Lana Rebel at the Palace with Tom Catmull.
Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, Wilma Theater.

Top late discovery 2011:
Andres Landero, Colombian cumbia guy.

December, 2011
Where have you been and what have you been doing, Wantage?
Howabout backing off with all the questions, broseph. We've been keeping the mailorder going and you know, have had a fall and late summer rich with things like: Total Fest X! The tenth Total Fest happened. It was insanely good. Highlights, as always, too many to cull into a paragraph or two. However: Sam Humans and the Light at the Record Swap. Dead live. Hammerhead live. White Shit live. Big Business live. Milk Music live. Shahs with a drummer, live. Pygmy Shrews live. Man, there was so much. So, yes, in August there was the tenth ever Total Fest. And lo, it ruled.
Then, we went to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness for a about a week. Then fall was really busy with work. Then we went hunting. Now, it's December. Keep tuned here for our top of 2011 list.

June, 2011.
Oy, it's Dead.
From the land of red dirt, strip mines, Mad Max and Radio Birdman comes freakin' Dead!
With equal parts Fire Witch, Fangs Of and Inappropriate Toughguy Behavior, the power and riffs these two loose means that fans may need to find eye protection. If you've wanted for world-class noise rock and sludge since around 1997, you may have finally found your prescription, mate. Look for Dead on tour of the U.S. in August/September 2011. AT TOTAL FEST X IN AUGUST.

May 30, 2011.
It's Red Fang's World, We Just Live In It.
When they're not driving Mad Max'd station wagons through gallons of milk, they're touring like madmen in a Sunday school van. Fuckin' Red Fang! They just impressed us yet again. Such presence, style, and thunder! Excellent. Not a gimmick in their pile either. Red Fang just played Missoula, MT on May 27th, 2011 and it laid thorough waste to this city. This newest set of songs is strong, man, they're from a record called Murder the Mountains on Relapse, and it's gooooood news. We've played some of it on our weekly radio show.

So, to celebrate all the fuckin' good things coming Red Fang's way, and since we're long-since out of Red Fang stuff that we've actually released, we're deeeeep discounting our Last of the Juanitas stuff. In-fact, if you consider yourself a Red Fang fan and haven't broken into any of the back catalog of the members, you need to g'head and do yourself some favors. We've made it quite simple for you: the I'm a Red Fang Fan and I Don't Know Shit About Last of the Juanitas Super Pack is ready for you. And the fucker's priced to move. What's up with all this coarseness? Jeesh, is this a stevedore convention or what?

It's 2011, man.
We posted our 2010 Best-Of List over at the Total Fest website. That's http://totalfest.org.

December 2010
Federation X, slugging east coast with grunge February 2011.
Washington state's rainy, sludgers Federation X have announced a set of tour dates with Israeli mayhemists, Monotonix. That's right Philadelphians, New Yorkers, DCists, Raleigh NCers: mark your calendar and prepare to enjoy th unique, eunuch scuzz of western America's finest. The SHOWS link has the details.

Satan, cast ye out. It's freakin' November somehow, man. To celebrate, we've lowered the prices for a couple of sick titles. Federation X and Mountain High shit's on sale cheap for a short time only.

October 2010 Early Oughts Nostalgia Sale.
Somehow ten + years ago seems only like a handful back, and as some of or more recent stuff's gone out of print, we still have copies of the unimpeachable champions of PNW grunge-scuzz, Federation X, and slow-bros the Narrows hanging around. We think you deserve a reason to acquaint yourself with this great music, so have a look at the CATALOG, and make use of some temporary Nice Pricing.

October 2010 Update: Pritchforg Reviews Pygmy Shrews:
Everybody loves Pritchforg, right? Well, they've just provided the following to the world:
"Pygmy Shrews: The Egyptian. Most recent Tour de Force from this Brookyln-based noise rock powerhouse rips the roof off of your chickenhouse and tears loose the garage door from its track. Your Party Sucks."October 2010: Japanther, Pygmy Shrews, Distribution update!
Japanther wraps up another national tour and Wantage represses their landmark 2006 Don't Trust Anyone Over Thirty LP. This is a limited pressing of 206, hand-numbered. We've also just repressed the Pygmy Shrews blazing debut The Egyptian. Both LPs are pressed on opaque puke green vinyl.

Our distribution section is bursting with new titles as well, including some awesome new Kill Shaman music by Nerve City and Pink Noise.

August 2010: Total Fest IX is Upon Us.
Like the proverbial jackal outide the city walls of Harar, Total Fest IX is upon us. This year's going to be a wild, excellent ride. Hopefully you've gotten the time off to see Thrones, Muhammadali, Japanther, Lesbian, the Lights, Chin Up! Meriwether, Fist City, Coconut Coolouts, etc. etc. We'll see you here!

July 2010
Among luminaries like Vaz, the Lights, Japanther, Miss Lana Rebel, Oneida, TacocaT and lots more are dozens of others. Total Fest is getting ready to get spanked on it's pre-tween behind just about 9 times year, and we'd be remisss if we didn't extend a warm Montana welcome to our regional bros, and those of you from elsewhere too. We've blogged like mad about it over at totalfest.org. There's also the full schedule, a list of the business which help us put it on, and all that.

Head over and take a look! It happens August 19-21 this year. Sasshole are playing.

Chances are, if you're looking for a cheap weekend of high-quality entertainment including live rock and roll, the best record swap for 2300 miles, barbecues, rivers, swimming, friends, and a beer or two you've come to the right spot. Missoula, Montana guarantees the highest rad-local quotient of any western state, and we're pretty sure if you're cool, you can find a yard in which to pitch your tent.

May 6, 2010
The Lights Continue Western Rampage
The Lights, from Seattle, not Canada, Brooklyn or Anwhere Else, have got a new record called Failed Graves on the streets right now. They've announced a Summer (August, west coast) tour with legendarily psychedelic Brooklyn blasters, Oneida and are popping the airwaves of KEXP on a near-hourly basis. It's all true. Oh, and we've got our hands on just a few copies of past releases Beautiful Bird and Wood and Wire, just in time for all this commotion. Have a look in the DISTRO.

April 27, 2010
Happy Lights: Failed Graves Day!
Yes, the Lights New New LP is ready for purchase, friend.

March 16, 2010
Lights Release: April 27
Decided up here to bump the Lights' release just a sliver, to give it time to slither its way into the cosmic collective psyche of the world a little more.

Total Fest IX will happen August 19-21 and now's the time to send in a copy of you and your people rocking, so we can get you on our stage! More info's available at totalfest.org

February 8, 2010
Total Fest Accepting Submissions
New Shit in the Distribution Area
Head to totalfest.org to apprise yourself of the TFIX doings! And while you're heading places, click on the DISTRO link in the Catalog and have a look at about 6 new titles we've recently picked up. We've got a new Bugs LP, a Pygmy Shrews 7", the Inappropriate Tough Guy Behaviour LP, the Reactionaries LP and few other winners. Every price includes domestic postage, friend.

January 25, 2010

Bill's dumped three brand new and righteous teasers for the upcoming Karp documentary onto the internet! They're at http://karplives.com

January 7, 2010.
2009 Best-Of cont.
A lot of sweet records came out last year, and it's hard to remember the early stuff. Here's a handful more:

  • Thee Hedons: Lost Tapes CDR
  • White Shit: Sculpted Beef LP
  • Aavikko Novo Atlantis LP
  • Batrider: Bag Wine Forever LP
  • Food: S/T LP
  • the Blind Shake/Michael Yonkers: Soft Zodiac LP
  • Death: For the Whole World To See EP
  • Rooster Sauce: Zombies of the Ultra League LP
  • Inappropriate Tough Guy Behavior: S/T LP

December 15, 2009
2009 Best-Of, 1st Edition.
Compiling a year end list, and doing it with about 10 days before mega holiday gift-giving's an age-old tradition here at Wantage. So, w/o further ado, some things worth exploring:

  • The Bugs: Barbaric, Mystical, Bored. Excellent in each and every way.
  • Volumen: Skipper of Reverses. Cohesive, and hook-packed.
  • Lightning Bolt: New one. I forget it's name.
  • Kylesa: Static Tensions. Way better than their last, in-terms of riffs.
  • Love Tan: Miscellaneous Night Feelings. Un-Lights Chambers music.
  • the Blind Shake (+Michael Yonkers): Soft Zodiac. Filling my Fed X jones.
  • Six Finger Satellite: Half Control. Shiiiiiiiiii, what a scuzz-tone from 2025.

November 29, 2009
Nobody Dogs the Shrews, and Big Boys bring theTexan Skate Punk Fest in the DISTRO section-
Pygmy Shrews have docked at home after a month of tearing up the eastern half of America. Ben, Jeremy and Tia left a wake of smoldering buildings, melted freeways and scorched earth. Now, it's on to work with Zs and Drunkdriver, and the Shrews will take a break. Meanwhile, in the distro section, we've got some hot new titles pokin' in! First up: the Big Boys, who existed between 1979 and 1984, from Austin recently had a double LP re-issued by X-Mist! We've got copies of the 
Lullabies Help The Brain Grow/No Matter How Long The Line At The Cafeteria, There's Always A Seat double LP currently for sale. Additionally, we've got copies of This Moment in Black History's  It Takes a Nation of Assholes to Hold Us Back LP. SWEEET! Both are in the Distro section. Finally, we've been working on a Wantage List update for a while here, and finally have the material to do it right! We've got a handful of Narrows LPs somehow, some Miss Lana Rebel LPs and we're only making them available via the WantageList, first.

Saturday, October 10, 2009
White Shit 10" and Pygmy Shrews 12": OUT!
Live and in concert, man. Other news: New VOLUMEN CD is excellent and is distributed. Karp documentary Benefit shows: End of October in Bellingham, Seattle, Olympia and Portland! Go!

Sept. 28, 2009
That's correct, were you on the Wantage List, you'd have the link to the secret site that would allow you to be the first in your apartment complex to own a White Shit 10" and a Pygmy Shrews LP. The rest of y'all will have to wait until this Friday, October 2 to begin the rush.

Sept. 9, 2009
Total Fest: Excellent.

August 4, 2009
Total Fest VIII Ticker: Actively Ticking
Recent activities in the world of Total Fest: Drunk Horse has confirmed for Total Fest! This legendary Oakland four-piece outfit has been shredding crowds from Oakland to Ljubljana for the past ten years. Their sound is like Duane Allman partying with Tony McPhee and Billy Gibbons. It's loose, precise and as excellent as hell.

July 9, 2009
TOTAL FEST VIII, JapantherNinjasonik 7" Watch, and Narrows News!
Total Fest VIII happens in Missoula this August 20-22. Follow updates at totalfest.org
the Japanther-Ninjasonik 7" has been pressed, is being mailed and we are on schedule for a release date soon!
Somehow, we came across a secret cache of a stash of some Narrows VINYL! We sold quickly through what we had before, so this is guaranteed to last not long at all.

June 9, 2009
Japanther Tour Relentlessly.
Pygmy Shrews Crush.
Japanther continue to live from the van. Their Ninjasonik project 7" will be out by the end of July. Pygmy Shrews! Pygmy Shrews. 12" in August.

May 6, 2009
Seis de May Una Dia Como Toda Las Dias.

Excepting a couple of things: You can listen to a great podcast of the Red Fang bros on WK radio right here! They play music, talk and answer questions. It's quite entertaining, and you can hear the Whip 7".
Next up: Total Fest's lineup is going to be slow-leaked this year. If you're a band which applied, expect to hear from an organizer one way or another soon. Keep up with our progress at http://totalfest.org

April 6, 2009
Lights, Obits: Touring Together
From the Awesome Shows that Montanans Need to Drive Over 1000 Miles to Attend department comes this exciting news! Seattle's Lights are hopping into the orange van and unleashing their rock and roll onto folks from Vancouver B.C. to San Diego come may. Have a look at the SHOWS button for dates.

March 3, 2009: Muchas Updatas Ahorra
We're on the virge of doing the drawing for the test pressings, and have got a whole crop of new distributed X-Mist titles to plug into the catalog, but in keeping with our promise, we're making these things available to subscribers of the Wantage List first! Hey. "Exclusive content." On the non-exclusive front, Total Fest VIII is open for submissions. Get on it here!

Feb. 9, 2009
Fire Witch's Japan 10" and Red Fang's S/T 12" red vinyl: Ready For Purchase.
Big Business: Done Recording NEW RECORD!
Both of these (Fire Witch and Red Fang) records are wild, white hot examples of focused musical excellence, and you, friend, can now get 'em.
(From Big Business's blog) "Big Business is pleased to announce the completion of their new full length album, entitled MIND THE DRIFT. Big Business are also pleased to announce that they think it turned out great. Quite a few of those millennial types on the internet have been asking the band things like: "What's up with the new album? Why's it taking so long? How come you guys don't play that one song anymore or have merchandise at your shows?" While Big Business don't have time to answer all of those types of questions directly, we at Hydra Head would like to take this opportunity to present you with some True Facts about MIND THE DRIFT. FACT #1: Producer Phil Ek (insert famous bands like the Shins here) has again evolved the band's grandiose sound and taken the Biz into new sonic territories! FACT #2: Guitarist and newest band member Toshi Kasai adds new voice and dimension, and looks good doing it. You can actually hear the handsome. FACT #3: Most of the instrumental tracks were recorded at AVAST! 2 studios in Seattle, WA. in June and July of 2008. FACT #4: Due to the busy touring schedule of Big Biz and the Melvins, most of the vocals, as well as some overdubs and mixing, had to be postponed until late November of 2008. The album was completed in Los Angeles (well, actually, Burbank to be precise). (That's a two-fer.) FACT #5: While recording Jared's vocals, Phil Ek kept a loaded sawed-off shotgun in the control room. FACT #6: Hydra Head Records will be releasing the album on LP/CD/Digital this April. But more news on that later... If you are internet savvy, you can check out a new, never before heard track called "Gold and Final" streaming on myspace.com/bigbigbusiness... NOW!"


Rabbits/Hog Dance 12"

12"  $20

The Whip
Freelance Liaison/Sheep And Goat Judgement

7" Out of Print

Creston Spiers

LP Out of Print

The Frantics

LP  $20

Plaque Marks
Anxiety Driven Nervous Worship

12"  $16

Gay Witch Abortion / The Grasshopper Lies Heavy

LP  $16


LP  $22

Dead / Wicked City
Unpopularity Contest

LP  $22

Dead / Mark Deutrom
Collective Fictions

LP  $22

Bludded Head
Bludded Death


Things That Might Have Been

LP  $16

Pink Confetti

12"  $16

Plastic Harmony Band
Voyage Of The Angernaut

LP  $15

Miss Lana Rebel And Kevin Michael Mayfield
The Midtown Island Sessions

LP  $16

Miss Lana Rebel
All I Need

CD  $10

LP Out of Print

Held Hostage Volume 2

LP  $16

Demonstrations In Micronesia (Blue Vinyl)

LP Coming Soon

Vaz / Dead
Split 7

7" Out of Print

Federation X
We Do What We Must

LP  $16

Visiting Hours

12" Out of Print

Gay Witch Abortion
Opportunistic Smokescreen Behavior

LP Out of Print


LP  $15

Waste 7"

7"  $6

Miss Lana Rebel And The Band Of Broken Promises
Mistakes We Can Live With

CD  $12


12"  $14

One-Sided 7

7"  $8

The Lights
Failed Graves

12"  $16

Pygmy Shrews
The Egyptian

12"  $15

CD  $10

White Shit
White Shi'ite

10"  $15

Fire Witch

10"  $14

Red Fang

12" Out of Print

Tut Tut, Now Shake Ya Butt

12" Out of Print

CD  $10

V/a Top Notch! Hits From The Hive
Top Notch! Hits From The Hive

12"  $14

The Narrows

LP Out of Print

The Pope
Society Of Friends

EP  $6

Science Faction

CD  $12

Mountain High/no-fi Soul Rebellion
Split 12

12"  $16

Wrangler Brutes
The Tape

12" Out of Print

Drunk Horse
In Tongues

12" Out of Print

Federation X
Rally Day

LP Out of Print

Big Business
Head For The Shallow

12" Out of Print

Ass-end Offend
Character Assassins

CD  $5

12"  $16

Cries From Space LP/CD

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Last Of The Juanitas
Time's Up

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CD  $12

  • Dead/MoE Europe Tour: September and October 2017.The wild mates of Dead are hitting the winding roads, autobahns, autostradas and everything else of E...

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  • Total Fest VII, August 14-16, Missoula Montana SAVE THE DATE! The seventh annual Total Fest will be held this Summer, August 14-16. We are accepting...


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